The power of graphic design as a communication tool can’t be underrated. Wherever you look, you’ll find it everywhere — from product packaging to political rallies. Graphic design is also a crucial element of marketing and branding strategies. In today’s post, we’re going to dig deeper into types of graphic design and explain when you need each of them.

Graphic design and its social influence

Any type of design is the message to the consumer. With this type of communication, it needs to be read correctly while also having an aesthetic look. Using graphic design for your organization is an important part of its activity. …

Every business at some point needs a designer to create the look of their product, app, or website. But they rarely perceive design as a potential strategy builder. Design solves a specific problem. This is what should be done by every startup or business-solving the problem of their potential customers to make them real customers. For this reason, more and more companies employ Chief Designers to transform their business. So, let’s dig deeper into how the conventionally operational role of design becomes strategic, what business design is, and how it contributes to the business growth strategy.

The importance of design for business growth is underrated

How essential design is…

Not only designers but the majority of professionals nowadays are pushed out of their well-established offline workflow to online platforms. The new work environment can be challenging for some, but also can serve as a source of inspiration for others. So, today we’re going to discover how virtual design workshops can be conducted efficiently and help design teams in making your project successful.

The technological part of remote design workshops

Teamwork can be challenging even under normal circumstances, let alone cooperating remotely. For this reason, preparing well for a design workshop is essential. The two major obstacles you can encounter are picking the right software and making…

The hype about Augmented Reality is growing each year, and more and more companies make it a part of their business. The future of AR seems even more exciting, meaning it can become an omnipresent technology. All this means a new era for UX design and AR design — more creative space for designers and a new exciting user experience. So, let’s explore how AR is changing the UX design and how to make the most of it.

Another level of usability

AR is a relatively new technology, and even more recently it became available on mobile devices. Therefore, it is very important to…

The design process is multi-staged, complicated, and involves numerous professionals working on the same project. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to get everyone on the same page and make that process productive. This is when DesignOps comes to the rescue. So, let’s discover how DevOps can enhance the design process, how to build DesignOps culture, and how major companies do that themselves.

Why it’s so hyped?

If DesignOps is new for you, let us make a little intro. Basically, DesignOps helps to improve the efficiency of the design team and the overall quality of the design output by optimizing process and team. DesignOps

Every enterprise has a need for a highly-functioning, speedy app that can serve certain missions. It may be quite clear how to build this type of app. But it can be less explicit how to design one. There are a lot of misconceptions and uncertainties around the UX design for enterprise applications which makes the situation more complicated. But don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the hallway. In today’s article, we’re going to make sense of enterprise app design and explore the main parts of it you should know.

Inside of enterprise applications: a deeper level of architectural consideration

As you might already guess, enterprise apps are…

The product development process is complex by itself and involves many steps, and sometimes multiple designers working on the project. Therefore, design systems are essential for keeping product design consistent and avoid chaos. In today’s article, we will explore what the design system consists of, how to build your own, and many more.

Breaking down the design system

To properly understand how to operate with the design systems you need to understand their essence — what they consist of. Let’s start with the UI elements, which are all reusable and can be combined to create the new product from the same system. …

There’s no denying that regardless of the business you are in, UX design matters. Whether you are running a small family business, jamming on the startup of your dream, or are more than pleased with your executive role, you will always be combining two sides: perceiving user experience and creating it. Either way, you wish for a great user experience. Let us show you how we do it and in the meantime consider some facts that will come in handy if you’re planning to create a memorable user experience.

Rules for creating good UX design

1. It is about the user’s choice. First and foremost, about…

Artificial Intelligence might be exciting for some people, can be scary for others. In the post-truth era, AI is becoming poison for the informational environment, but at the same time, it is the most effective remedy for its destructive impact. Moreover, AI design is turning into a mighty weapon in this battle. Augmented Reality design also comes to the rescue by encouraging critical thinking and often winning the attention of the audience disinformed by deep fakes. So, let’s dig deeper into this rivalry of AI vs AI and discover who’s going to take that victory.

Post-truth era: how we ended up here

We all are aware that…

The stunning visuals and creativity are a crucial part of every good design. But with the technology development and the growing importance of the UX, the design evolves towards a more functional and user-centered approach. For this reason, 2021 web design trends cover not only visual design solutions but also ideas on how to make your design embrace the new functional possibilities. So, let’s get started with our guide to the main website trends of the new decade.

List of web design trends 2021

  • 3D elements
  • Animated logos
  • Widget sizing
  • Design for Augmented Reality
  • Colors
  • Voice interface
  • Illustrations
  • Sustainable design

3D elements

3D elements are a design solution…


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